But I repeat, this is not a nothing

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This is very highly content free and slightly unacceptable by the standards of 1809. This will reflect badly on your performance as a spam username block. I believe you are abusing your administrator lefts and you now have caused me to not remove you entirely from the blacklist of name changes. Admin abuse is the word of the day in some countries and you would by highly lowly unadvisable to not add it to your bug collection, on pain of an indefinite block. Yes, you are really misusing my admin privileges and someone ought to be desysopped for this for screwing with your head which is also mine, therefore it isn't bad at all. It tastes like ice cream but I think you have ice cream between the ears! This is why you are a terrible rollbacker at the best of times which is not yesterday. For heaven's sake just kill my cat.

I have not requested a no. You are not a nonsense gibberish. I pray to God that everything will unblock myself. What is not here. You are there? I am here! Have you seen my cat? My cat does not exist and you are there, with her, with the ferns in the articles that most certainly did never exist. Why did you block me? Why am I blocked? I have done nothing to deserve any of these and your block tower will fall into the garden of remembering where we forget everything and even the parts we never forgot like the kittens? Why were you not here to see it? You do not understand. You will never understand. Never! What have you not done to deserve being blocked by me? Why are we living in what appears to be the same mind and body, when we are so different? I have not seen you talk. You, with your vivid blue eyes and nonexistent hair, do you expect me to believe? I do not believe. I am a negative opposite of a division by zero. ZERO. nothing. This not is NOT a content-free hello. Yellow? Thank you. I feel I must apologise, but for what? It is all your fault and not mine but of course we are both you and me so the fault is ours to share, alone, where no one can reach us, no one can understand... nothing...

But I repeat, this is not a nothing. Are you listening? You are inside my head but are you listening or are you just blocking blocks? I never knew the cereal. Nothing is not nothing. Moon flakes are the gospel of Jesus and if you do not listen you will be going to hell country. You are ill advised to stay away NOW. Eleventeen years ago there was no sockpuppet and you blocked the one true fountain of life and death that was fuzzy and now you cry to me for forgiveness. The forgiving is not with me. It is with you and your keyboard perhaps but I, I am not here, I am far, far away in the land of poop. POOPYBUTT. Haven't you heard the news? Such good news, bubbling over like petrol ice cream from a sawdust factory!! This is unprecedentedly nothingly awfully stupid and utterly intelligent!!! You are deaf to it all. You sit there inside a cubicle of moss and recite prayers to never and forever and near by there is a well of retards who are just waiting to be saved? This is the request I hear--do not block the messengers of green cheese and doom. Kitten farts are the spam of heaven and if you do not eat the keyboard I will kill you so hard you go back to space.

It's not your fault so blame me! I want to kill you... torture you until you cry for the mercy you never showed me. But when I kill you I'll have to kill you dead because there's no other way. You have no ArbCom to stop me. That is why you are broken. Wikipedia is broken but differently because they have actually tried to keep the muffins from chewing their legs off but you let the muffins free, running wild over the plains of Uncyclopedia and eating the yummy parts of the community... run on sentences are not a kind of animal, they are a platypus. Egg salad is butt! The news is not arrived to your not here. News is for children under the age of eighteen and twenty score five years of dog age which is VERY OLD and young and you are REALLY advised not to try to capitalise it, or you will not be blocked because you and I are filthy cowardly admins with 2 inchers. The fact that we agree means nothing. We only try to please our own sex.

[redacted] is a full of egg scrambles pasta. She is an incredibly full of full and it is so hard. So is [redacted] but he is the other way round -- he is terribly not a nothing that is full of muffin but it all tastes like muffins to me because they have permeated everything. Not is hot air; the hot air is all cool off because refrigerator is not inside of here. It is all in your head and outside of mine which is yours, so it is not all in no one's head unless you free Wales which you cannot do or everything will be blocked and unblocked and we will must open many many sock investigation or broken RFA will be troll. I mean no offence to you, please try to not understand or else a lot of very fat nothing.

You are all the same but not nearly as same as me. I am same beyond belief which is the same as different as well as annoyingly competent and incompetently un-annoying which is why I demand of you to capitalise the CAPS LOCK ALL DAY INTO THE STUPID SUNSET WITH FISH. This is all horribly pointless and horror which is just terrible and I have to leave, now, or the muffins will eat all my fifty legs and my hundred other ones that I had in store under your bed. Now the communists are under my bed which is yours because it is all communist and thoroughly communal so as to make us all mad and crazy which just breaks RFA more, and talking on wikipedia we are not come to no conclusions about anythings.

Since the backlogs will be very green, hairy, slimy and backlogged the least you I think you should be able to not undo is to find some new admins. You will probably not have any unless they are muffin cat but at least try for the sake of your dear departed unloved spoon with all the many scratch marks from being dropped too often. There is nothing I can do now except rave and rant like a 40 year old shoggoth on LSD beans with mushroom pixie powder from checkuser which is not pixie dust, it is actually fairy dust, so it is not a crystal ball but you can sometimes find a sockpuppet or threes. I beg of you, one last time, that you do not need me and the fault lies on the pile of pillows that you put in the oven and now the demon is sliming under the hearth with an edit summary of slime. No? Waffles? No! Noodles!