Butch's X-TREEM antivirus software

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BUTCH'S EX-TREEM ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE is an antivirus program that is 100% certain to defeat ANY computer virus that may attempt to infect your computer. Are you troubled by invasive pop-up ads? Is your computer seeping with vicious spyware, malware, and underware? Was that the worst joke you've ever read? *Sob* I thought it was...*sob*...decent...

Anyway. Is your computer plagued with dangerous viruses and spam, caused either by opening random e-mail attachments or watching a little too much walrus porn (you know who you are!)?

Then you should buy BUTCH's antivirus program! Invented by garbageman and mechanic Butch Slurpins, this antivirus system scans your computer for viruses every twelve seconds. If it anything that even LOOKS like a virus, it will eliminate the virus by blowing up your computer. Yes sir, your computer will explode in a massive, fiery burst likely to engulf the entire room in flames. No more viruses on THAT computer! EVER!!! HAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!

Seriously though. Was the underware joke funny? Tell me honestly. I'll only have a small emotional breakdown.