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Dot System Values[edit]

Number of dots ban period(if user is on no dots) Offences
1 black dot 0 day ban Silly mistakes, such as repeatedly forgetting to sign posts.

Repeat Offences, People who continue to blank pages after receiving four dots.

2 black dots 1 day ban Minor offences, such as blanking a single page.
3 black dots 2 day ban Average Offences, such as badmouthing other users, flame wars.
4 black dots 4 day ban Major offences, such as inappropriate content addition, swearing, and generally being rude.
5 black dots 8 day ban Severe Offences, Such as blanking a large amount of pages or vandalism.
Any offence there after Infinite ban (Exile from site) Earned by addition of two or more offences.

Ban time and new scores[edit]

If a user already holds Black dots the current dots are added onto the new offence, and the ban time will match the new score when the new offence is added. So if a person already has 2 dots and an offence giving an extra 2 dots then the user will serve a ban of 8 days.