Centrifugal force

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Two minks
On a hill
One moves
One stands still
As the earth rotates
Spinning around
So quickly
We're pinned to the ground
Like a dream
In reality
Like a breath
Of humanity
Moving through
Up and down
Centrifugal force.
Write a song
Write a tune
In the sun
Or the moon
There's no fear
No pain either
It's not one, or two,
It's neither
Like some smoke
Out of ground
Like a mountain
Make no sound
Find it out
For yourself
Centrifugal force.
Burning heat
Freezing cold
We're not young
And not old
Just human
With sense
Make mistakes
And loose ends
Cries of 'Help!'
Talk about it
We couldn't do
Do without it
That's my song
Was it good
Cen-tri-fu-gal force!