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“I like ceeeeeeeereal.”

~ Cheese on ceeeeeeeereal

“I need that.”

~ Lady with mysterious floating buns on Super Rainbow Blast cereal

I need a microphone! And a scanner!

QUIET, DOGGY. Shhhhhhh.

Doink, ploink, they all fell down. GIDDYUP, HORSEY!

Midnight cereal[edit]

(the sequel)

Quiet, Bunnyhuggles. The voices told me to collect all five.

Is that the cereal section, right next to the motor oil? Well it's a good thing we ended up in the supermarket and not the konbini. Otherwise we'd have a rather limited choice on our hands.

This is some kind of marketing scam, isn't it? Are you going to advertise five different types of nachos, then only sell four of them and hide the fifth one somewhere in the Himalayas (or more accurately, Mount Fuji)? Typical.