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The OXO Tower in London is known for having held the largest collection of collections collected collectively. In the pursuit of this grand feat collectors were collectively contacted via collect call (that's 1800-REVERSE to you, peasant) and asked a collection of questions regarding which items in their collections they would consider to display as collective memorabilia within this space.

At least three donators responded to the curators (something along the lines of "why sure, that's a heck of a good idea, lady", somehow managing American vernacular in a British accent) and allowed some items to be borrowed by the museum, including:

  • Arms that are twenty bananas long
  • Yeah, I'm pretty sure 50% of the whole exhibition was just arms.
  • Inflatable Alfred, the hot water bottle
  • A home refrigerator (one donator was able to reach it from his bedroom)
  • Three hundred metres of bandage (a week)
  • Six modes of transport
  • An hour each day brushing your hair
  • The best sense of smell you could ever imagine
  • Stirring his cup of tea using only his nose