Common ground worm

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ok, ok lets go straight along this wooden bench, decomposing. This beach has a tree on it, hold on. Thats ok we're on a wooden bench, a tree. A decomposing bench. How long the cycle? "Oh about 200,000 years." The cycle is a wooden compost heap and a tree on it, hold on. Ok, ok lets go straight along this wooden tree. Thats ok we're decomposing.

Soil shift in days and years, its ok because were decomposing. That worm spins through a wooden bench, that worm spins through the soil. Shift days and years.

A man in a black hat made of solidified compost tries to bribe a worm of his life's earnings. The worm rings the right people and they say they'l fix the leak by morning. When they come they converse about the weather and then leave.

But the clouds and dust spin over decomposing wood and timely process. they continue the chromatic time line, crunching soil beneath them and the mighty feather of trash.