Conspiracy Theories Solved

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You may have been wondering the answer to many conspiracy theories well you don't have to wonder anymore because they are all solved!

Is 2pac dead?[edit | edit source]

Um... yes?

Who killed JFK?[edit | edit source]

Anthony's a pussy.

Is Michael Jackson alive?[edit | edit source]

Yes, he's currently having butt sex with Vito.

Are UFOs real?[edit | edit source]

...and I would know this... why?

Where is D.B. Cooper?[edit | edit source]


I mean... where was D.B. Cooper?[edit | edit source]


Where?[edit | edit source]

In the U.S.

What about Bigfoot? Is he real?[edit | edit source]

I saw him once.

Is spontaneous combustion real?[edit | edit source]

No silly. *bursts into flames*

Was Princess Diana murdered?[edit | edit source]

No. You've been reading the Daily Express too much haven't you?