Cotton candy

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Cotton candy is candy made from cotton.

It has numerous advantages over the more common sort of candy, which is created from sugar.

  1. Cotton candy does not cause cavities. In fact, eating the variety of cotton candy which is made from dental floss actually cleans your teeth.
  2. Cotton candy does not need refrigeration. You can leave it in the back of your sock drawer for a couple of years, and unlike two year old Halloween candy, it will still be just as fresh and yummy as the day you brought it home from the textile mill.
  3. Cotton candy is far cheaper than linen candy, and what's more it is less subject to wrinkling than linen candy.
  4. Cotton candy is never attacked by moths, unlike woolen candy.
  5. Cotton candy can serve to keep you warm in an emergency (just re-knit it into a pair of thick plushy socks).
  6. Cotton candy is not fattening, despite the fact that it's completely free of artificial sweeteners.

In short, cotton candy is (or should be) the future direction of all candy.

This message was brought to you by the Association for Sellers and Manufacturers of Cotton Candy