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Crazy Mathematics is the abstract theoretical discipline underlying Crazy Science. It is a highly specialized field of mathematics. You know the type. Like one of those academic journals where the only people who read them are a very, very small group of other academics who could probably all fit in the same room, and if they all dropped dead then no one would ever be able to understand what the hell they were talking about in their papers ever again? One of those.

This field of mathematics primarily concerns the manipulation of insane numbers, (and related non-numerical insane values) which are conceptually distinct from but which overlap with irrational and/or imaginary numbers. By analogy, this gives rise to the related fields of Crazy Arithmetic, Crazy Algebra, Crazy Geometry, Crazy Trigonometry, Crazy Calculus, Crazy Linear Algebra, Crazy Set Theory, Crazy Game Theory, Crazy Number Theory, and Mathematical Illogic.

Without Crazy Mathematics, there could be no Crazy Science. A scientific consensus holds that the inability of Scientific Science to comprehend Crazy Science is due to the lack of a fundamental grounding in the comprehension of Crazy Mathematics. Some theorists claim to be close to proving conclusively that Crazy Mathematics is not only incoherent but also incomprehensible to non-crazy people. Such a proof would show all research into duplicating the results of Crazy Science to be pointless, thus saving a great deal of grant money.

Do Your Homework[edit]

Contrary to popular belief, Crazy Mathematics is not just whatever you want it to be. It is possible to get Crazy Mathematics problems wrong. It's still math, which means that you still suck at it.

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