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“Well Durr Hurr, it seems that I have indeed found your hole. It's such a shame that I had to comment upon this in poorly grammared caps lock, the title is now quite beyond repair. What a day.”

~ One of the Landed Gentry after clicking "create article"

DURR HURR I FOUND UR HOLE is an online book, written especially for the future troll generation. The trollings, whilst still refining their (poorly grammard and frankly abusive) literary skills need to be educated in the art of the visual desu. This is where DURR HURR I FOUND UR HOLE comes in, because the trollings can't fully understand the captions and hatespeak found in most ED articles the story contains only pictures. Okay yes, most of the pictures are of a small asian man doing a male tree that's throwing up, but the 4chan Board of Education assert that this is all strictly necessary.

I didn't much like the book though, the humour felt strained and there was perhaps one too many references to a number which is supposedly over 9000. AND it only came in paperback!