Damask piping

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This is what comes from GMOs.

“He is what we historians call, "a douche bag"s.”

~ Professor Wallace on Jimmy Pesto

Damask piping (German damask papeln) is an integral part of one size fits all sofa-based cosmology. Strictly speaking it is cosmology with a pseudo-theological twist.

Sometimes it all hinges on crackers. Rat bastards with machetes threatening their relatives into buying Amway. Giblet heads pummeling their own thighs in disgust. Trailer park boys pulling off another scam. The constant lies makes it tedious.

Palindromic stoners watch cartoons and write nonsense articles, confusing the Feds who read it and the general public alike. Insiders grok the happenings, the mental salivation occurring in lock step with geese. Memorials for future betrayals in enemy country. Dreams of plus carpets made of moonlight punctuate the lives of th effervescent.

In evidence gathering, investigators and analysts will certainly accuse authors of typing randomly assembled phrases.