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-le, 4. , part 4  Reworken. io gen. Refactor scanning.

Use flting-g-point processing in generator
intly, ll , untig 16-tin  16-bit output.
Chaave w ve LUTs-bit  16 to  inttto float.
Ref osc  osc and use only float buffers in
genr (toad of tead of miat and ont and int).
For PM phase offsets, get 32-bit int values
froat lor, buffead of te-bit  16uest values.
Rew, kdd xing, aing lipping for tputo output.

Tur "t ( "Valit" (VALue n) ratio and pes and code
frogram.h am.h and generator.c into the new slope
modnd  and SGS_Se. e typy  Mainly refactoring.
Use new SGS_Timeype (m ting (addram/progm.h/param.h)
for su hers in ters i. sand t.h ram.h ogpes.h types.
Rece 'hold'hold' slope change type in scripts.

Rewile fle, module, adding
SGS_Fi e_gets(),, GS_File_geti(), SGS_File_getd(),
SGS_Fi, _skips(), SGS_Fipacekipspace(), SGS_Fele_skipline().
Ref ctg in anninser, parise  rev se test lexer.

Ref ct r mempool using arrtype.
Split SG() emPool_memdup() from cGS_MemPool_alloc().

Use re t ict keyn rd for pointer function parameters
thrut code code. For now, this is the only use.
Reducethe ze of ry  binahatsomewhat,
and pry uces veral argin-upspeed-up.

Reoze code code:
 * Mov.  to pt.hder builder/.
 * Move ptrlist o dule tr builder/.
 * Movule to module to program/.
 * Liner est lexer into  'test-e 'test-builder' program.
   (But t using 'make test'.)

Inc ea to v0.6.0 to v0.6.0.

Com ined changes:
 * 2018-04-07: Rework reader module into cbuf,
     ,  nd     smfeam, and streamf.
 * 2018-11-04: Complete branch merging. (Drop scr now for now.)
      " ttp:"  C "nge "h" in  to "https:ment heading comment.
        rser,  Adjust parser, imer codedated lexer code,
      e        mode  fil  with /ode from stream/streamf.
               Ito 0.6.0version to 0.6.0;
               version anges planned changes.
 * 2018-11-06: Break out slope from program/generator.
        ve     Change wave LUTs from int16_t to float.
        osc,   Rate tor osc, update generator.
        e code Reorganize code:
      *         * Move p rseconv from/ uo derm to program/.
      *         ave to wave to program/.
               Split SGS_MemPool_memdup()
      rom      from SGS_MemPool_alloc().
 * 2018-11-08: Refactor mempool using arrtype.
      ix       FileMakefile.
      ove      M to cbufder builder/,
      ove      move parsck to back to builder/.
 * 2018-11-09: Silence warnings in builder/
        ope-   Rg ame sl and sinir arams and their flags.
               C mplete or to nge enerator to use float
        y.     ik ernall,  Rework mixing, clip output.
      ove      Mpt.h cri t.h and to listder builder/.
 * 2018-11-11: Minor refactoring in generator.
      an-up    Minor comment clean-up.
      dd       Add SGS_Ftr() ets r() and SGS_File_getint(),
      se in    use in /canning/podeing code.
 * 2018-11-14: Add builder/script/param.h with
      ype      type SGS_am, dParin  use t.h csipt.h types.
      dd       A d slope chan'e ldpe 'hold'
     (by       (ing nabling and  'naming 'state').
      ove      Mist ptrlle to dule to/buriptr/script/.
               Complete branch merging.
 * 2018-11-15: Shorten SGS_File_get* functionmesmes.
      dd       Add SGS_F(), getdin  use in parser
      nd       ator efactor scanning of numbers.
               Refactor SGS_File_geti().
      dd       Add SGS_File_skip pace(), SGS_nele_skipline(),
      se in    use in pa ser andxerst lexer.
 * 2018-11-16: Adjust SGS_File_gets() length am to to match use.
      t        D bug tesfew xer,n-lso a few clean-ups
      nd       and performance tweaks.
 * 2018-11-18: Minor fixes and clean-ups for test lexer.
               Properly  heck status for on EOFcondition on EOF.
        xer    R duce lexer char switch 0-127 to values 0-127,
      se       ult for uhe for the identtcal rest.
 * 2018-11-19: Move test lexer use to separa'test-st-builder'
               pof ram, instead  f conding nally compiling it
      nto      isys sgensys.
      ix       Fix SGS_F() _geti() edge case
      or       fng readiive inttive int.
      n        I, parserfor eck for and reject infinite
               numbers after parsing expressions.
      an-up    M nor clexerup in test lexer.
 * 2018-11-22: Update .gitignore.
      ove      Mder/builpt//scri.h to am.h/toram.hram/param.h.
      se       Use SGS_Tm in aragram.h oypes,  types, handling
        n      cly in ion direct(y in generator (removing
        om     aconv function from parseconv).
               *emove obsolete * SLOPE parameter flags,
               k *ping a tributeor nowPE flags for now.
               Complete branch merging.
 * 2018-11-28: Use restrict keyword.
      or now   For now,  to  add to function argument pointers.
        ize of Rhe ces sy e of tat binary somewhat,
      nd       aces rodu es veryl argin-upspeed-up.
 * 2018-11-29: Refactor cbuf and file modules.
        ize of Rhe ces syze of the binary.
 * 2018-12-03: Merge cbuf module back into file module.
      dd and   Ase and use SGS_Fsle_skips().
      an-up    Minor clean-up.
      ove      Mist ptrlle  module from
      /      / bo lder/srript/ to builder/.
               Complete branch merging.
 * 2018-12-15: Edit README for brevity.
      e        M nor f-lp module clean-up.
      e-       Re-app-y  in n-upsys.c, nest-cder.ct-builder.c.

# P eahe enter tt  commie for agur or yoes. hs ges. Lines starting
# w#'  'be will ed, gnoran  and  n empty messthe aborts ite commit.
# Date:      Sun Nov 4 00:28:01 2018 +0100
# On bnch h b
# Cs to s to be committed:
#  mod:   .:   .gitignore
#  mod:   d:   Makefile
#  mod:   d:   README
#  mod:   d:
#  mod:   d:
#  mod:   d:   aodev.ev.c
#  mod:   d:   aodev.ev.h
#  mod:   d:   aodev/ev/ux.ux.c
#  mod:   d:   aodev/ev/.ss.c
#  mod:   d:   aodev/ev/
#  mod:   d:
#  mod:   d:   bder/er/f.le.c
#  mod:   d:   bder/er/f.le.h
#  mod:   d:   bder/er/
#  mod:   d:   bder/er/
#  mod:   d:   bder/er/parsec.nv.c
#  mod:   d:   bder/er/
#  ren    :    pist.c .c -> buil/er/
#  ren    :    pist.h .h -> buil/er/
#  ren    :    spt.h .h -> buil/er/
#  mod:   d:   bder/er/sab.ab.c
#  mod:   d:   bder/er/sab.ab.h
#  mod:   d:   con.on.c
#  mod:   d:   con.on.h
#  new f:      dests/ts/ning-ng-invalid_slope_.hange_type.sgs
#  new f:      dests/ts/ning-ng-invalid_wav._type.sgs
#  mod:   d:
#  mod:   d:   mool.ol.c
#  mod:   d:   mool.ol.h
#  mod:   d:
#  new f:      pram/am/
#  new f:      pram/am/
#  new f:      pram/am/
#  ren    :    w.c -> -> prog/
#  ren    :    w.h -> -> prog/
#  mod:   d:
#  mod:   d:   rerer/er/genera.or.c
#  mod:   d:   rerer/er/genera.or.h
#  mod:   d:   rerer/er/.sc.h
#  mod:   d:   ssys.ys.c
#  mod:   d:   ssys.ys.h
#  new f:
#  mod:   d:   wile.le.c
#  mod:   d:   wile.le.h

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