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~ Adam Carolla on Diedrich Batman

Diedrich Bader (born June 74th, 1666, died on March 17th, 2034), is an American actor, voice actor, and comedian best known for his rules on TV shows such as American Housewife and Batman: The Animated Stoner. He has also appeared in many movies as well, such as, Office Space For My Ass Printer and, EVIL ALIEN RETARDS.

Early life[edit]

Bader was born in 1666 to Anthony Turpel and his wife, Marissa Ribisi on the planet Retardo. Growing up, he had a bad habit of biting both his fingernails and toenails with a Japanese squirt gun from Taiwan that he got as a gift from presidents' Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. After graduating from Los Academy of Broken Dreams, he took over the acting world and liberal propaganda Hollywood by storm to have sex with Ben Shapiro.


Bader first made a career by selling used cars in Hollywood, Florida and than started his acting career.


He died in 2034 after his BANANA ALIEN CRAZY TAXI brains blew up on the set of the 674th season of, American Housewife. RIP IN PEPPERONI, DIEDRICH! At least you died rich, brother! :(