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NO Headline text!!![edit]

Please, for the sake of the world's sanity, do not insert headline text here! The consequences could be antidisestablishmentarianism.

Some results could include:

  • Russia losing Rock Paper Scissors to North Korea, therefore initiating a territory swap.
  • Your mum jokes making a comeback
  • Gay New World Order (oh noes! Evil Satanistic sinning peoples!)
  • WW3, initiated by the Principality of Sealand
  • Your mum's so fat, small objects orbit her! (what did I tell you????)
  • USA is Canada's hat! (Canada must be dumb to wear its hat on its chin.)
  • CSI: St. Petersburg.
  • CSI: Montpelier.
  • CSI: Your Backyard
  • CSI: CSI Studio