Dr. Franklin Anderson

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“I'm dangerous. Danger is my middle name. Franklin Theodore Teddy Theo Danger Pumpernickel Anderson!”

Dr. Franklin Theodore Teddy Theo Danger Pumpernickel Anderson (Dr. Franklin Anderson or Dr. Anderson for short) is an insane scientist from the Pendant Audio DC Comics Fanfic Universe, also known as "Earth-P." His superpower is Mad Science which makes him an expert in Cloning, Alien Technology and Being Crazy. He was responsible for creating numerous Bizarro clones of Superman and exact copies of himself. It is unknown whether his insanity is natural or the result of an imperfection in the cloning process, but his distinctive annoying speech patterns make the character memorable. He is voiced by Neal Bailey. We just said that to sound professional.

Examples of dialogue[edit]

Dr. Franklin Anderson in New York[edit]

From Supreman the Last Son of Krypton Episode 49 starting at 5:30. Watch the Xtranormal version on YouTube.

Dr. Anderson: Ahh, The Big Apricot! So big! So apricotish!

Dr. Anderson: Why, I just want to reach up and take a big juicy bite out of you, you wild, wild city! I do! But oh, then I'd have a mouthful of concrete and glass and steel and cigarette butts and bombs. And then my oh so charming voice could not be heard.

Dr. Anderson: And I must be heard! Then how should I ever pitch my woo at the most woosome of ladies were I not to be heard. No, no good apricots labored city, I shall not bite you this day I am afraid even though I will walk across your peachy skin.

Dr. Anderson: Oh, so many people in automobiles with their vrooming and their zooming and their fax machines. Why, what I need is a very much highly technical place in which to procure employment so that I can land back on these very two feet that I call my own. Yes, even though I walk on them now, I am not back on them without employment and science to make mad with. To give myself bionic legs, you see! Why, without science, I am only just mad. In the very most insane sense of the word.

Dr. Anderson: Like this bun over here! Hi, Jim!

Dr. Anderson: And really, that is not such a very flattering thing to be. Not if one wants to attract the ladies. *sexy growl* To attract the ladies, you must be mad and EMPLOYED. And sexy. Like me.

Dr. Anderson: Hey, you there!

Hotdog man: Uh me?

Dr. Anderson: Yes yes yes, you!

Hotdog man: What, you want a hot dog or something? Two dollars.

Dr. Anderson: While a warm canine does sound most cuddly and life-affirming, no. It is not the object of my desire.

Hotdog man: That's good. Cause I think what you just said was illegal.

Dr. Anderson: I was hoping perhaps that you had need of a most very highly technically skilled and delightfully eccentric scientist type, who is really only very slightly and smally and tinily mad, and would so very much like to get his hands on all kinds of machinery and computery and technology!

Hotdog man: I sell hot dogs.

Dr. Anderson: Why, yes. Yes. That you do. And their delicious smell is most certainly making my tumbly all rumbly. But employment! Oh, how I need employment! To return to the glory I once knew! Atoms and molecules and DNA, oh my!

Hotdog man: Listen, mac, you're scaring away the customers. How bout I give you a free hot dog and send you on your way.

Dr. Anderson: Oh how I have always wanted a pet. But Mother always said they were too much work for my addlepated brain to take care of. I shall show her now! Oh, yes I shall! Do you have any orange juice?

Hotdog man: Who drinks orange juice with a hotdog?

Dr. Anderson: Who indeed! Tend on the brain I have! Oh, OJ is a poor substitute for that space age marvel.

Hotdog man: Look, here's your dog.

Dr. Anderson: He's beautiful! And he even comes with a doughy coat to protect him from harsh environs! I shall call him Farfil the Magnificent. Or maybe just Farfil the Wretched. Or maybe Farfil the Doughy!

Hotdog man: The uh, the university is right across the street. I hear they have lots of computers and uh, stuff there.

Dr. Anderson: Thank you and thank you most helpful random person on the street! My pet and I shall away to procure employment at the institution of most high higher learning. Come, Farfil! Glory awaits!

Hotdog man: I gotta find a new job.