Dust Association of America

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The Dust Association of America regulates dust. If too much dust everyone dies, that is why the Dust Association of America regulates dust.

The Dust Association of America is very important, if it did not exist we would not be here right now. The Dust Association of America is the most important association ever. It cannot be gone or we will die.

History[edit | edit source]

The Dust Association of America was created after a bunch of super-Sauropsids came together to decide how to survive after the end-Permian extinction happened. They gathered in a ring of rocks, because pretty much all the trees died, so they couldn't just go to a forest. After much debate, the Sauropsids decided that too much dust (volcanic dust/ash in particular, but also any kind of dust) could be deadly. So they came up with some ways to avoid dying from too much dust.

Said Ways to Avoid Dying[edit | edit source]

After debating ways to avoid dying, the super-Sauropsids came up with some undeath methods. Some of them include:

  • They invented the almighty Swiffer (praise be)
  • Invented gas masks (these were later adapted for use by humans)
  • Made wind patterns change so that dust blows away in a harmless direction (hey, they ARE super)
  • Forced some volcanoes underwater (how else could those volcanoes be underwater?)

But What About the Super-Sauropsids?[edit | edit source]

There has been no proven evidence (or fossil record) of the super-Sauropsids ever dying any any way, so there is speculation that they are still alive and on Earth THIS VERY MOMENT. Indeed, after saving the world and all life on it, the super-Sauropsids went into hiding and have never been found since the formation of the Dust Association of America. And since the Sauropsids are alive and in hiding, and also being super, there have been theories that teh Sauropsids at some point gained the ability to take on different physical forms (shapeshifting), they took the form and thus ARE very important powerful people, like world leaders and celebrities. That's absolutely right, the conspiracy theories are true.