Elemental Melons

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Now you have all heard of the watermelon, but what about other melons representing the elements of classical antiquity? Now you can have it, thanks to XY/24 Enterprises!


  • Firemelon: Too hot to eat, or cut (it will melt your knife), but a good ornament! As long as you don't put in on a wooden shelf, it will destroy that too.
  • Earthmelon: You can't eat it, because it's made from gravel. Keep away from children and Water/Grass/Steel type Pokemon.
  • Airmelon: Just a melon skin. No filling. The filling is air! Our cheapest model, costing only $20 (not including postage, handling, systematics, service fees, additional requests and 15% GST).

Soon to come[edit]

Coming December of 2021, the Ethermelon! It occupies no space. It will be sold for free, obviously.