Emo music

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E is for emotional, ruins everybody's day!
M is miserable people!
O is for on the dark side, cuz we've got some fresh cookies!

How to record emo music[edit]

So basically

mumble depressing stuff a half foot away from the mic and make the trap snare louder than your voice.


Emo music is prone to dark, foreboding sounds, such as Ahhhhhhh and Ohhhhhhh and Ehhhhhhh. People who frequently listen to emo music will turn into cabbages. Plastic wrap have been said to curb this, but most people don’t listen to this awful stuff in the first place, so the plastic wrap theory may not work.

Popular Emo bands[edit]

  • Bad Touch, Daddy, Bad Touch!
  • My Chemical Castration.
  • Please Kill Me Now.
  • The Sad Pandas.
  • Sleeping With Simon
  • ex ex ex tent ish in