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Eugenics is a field of study related to medicine. Founded by Homer T. Edstoerm in a still shed in 1906, the school is focused on a narrow area of planned parenthood: reducing the propogation of assholes. The hope is that by 2174, there will be no more assholes walking around on our planet.

The difficulty in predicting whether a fetus will some day develop into an asshole cannot be understated. Mathematicians at Stanford, MIT, U. MA Lowell and DeVry University have been developing models since 1978, and have yet to implement computer simulations. Some work in genetics involves a search for an asshole gene.

A cult-like group of radical eugenicists grew tired of waiting around for the last asshole to die, and so began a program of exterminating assholes by whatever means necessary. Although they've tried to work surreptitiously, some of their cover organizations like the Nazi party have drawn notice. They are very good at disguising their intentions as political or spiritual ideologies.

The argument has been made that by taking this active stance in eliminating assholes, they have become assholes themselves.