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A member of F.A.R.T.

Fully Armored Renegade Turtles' (FART) is a group of elite military turtles. They include such members as Turtle McTurtleface (shown right) and Squirtle, the Pokemon. F.A.R.T. was created in the Second War of Teh Elite Turtles vs. Teh Flamingos with SMGs. It was made to distinguish the most epic turtles that weren't fighting with the Turtlish military. F.A.R.T. is not as much of a factor in the land of teh turtles, considering that they're not in a war. Currently all members of F.A.R.T. are being tracked down and recruited into the Turtle military.

Not to be confused with[edit | edit source]

Fathers Against Rude Television.

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