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This actually can refer to a number of items and should therefore really be an ambiguation page (which is to say, a page which takes a previously clear concept and makes it ambigious).

  1. A language spoken by people living in parts of Scandinavia in which there has been a chronic shortage of 'n's.
    A typical sentence in Finish, "ilmatyyyaluksei o täyä akeriaita", is similar to the same sentence in Finnish, to which it's closely related: "ilmatyynyalukseni on täynnä ankeriaita". Finish is obviously far less closely related to English, in which that sentence would be written, "My hovercraft is full of eels".
  2. Part of what it takes to be an effective fish. As in, "Joe seems kind of fishy but I don't thing he's real -- he's just not finish enough. In fact, he hasn't got any fins at all."
  3. A moderate compliment. "How's that?" ... "Oh, it's fine. Or -- maybe not quite fine, but anyway kind of finish". (Some people might spell this "fine-ish" but what can you do. Some people eat sour herring, too.)
  4. A substance used to protect table tops. So, for instance, you're sitting in McDo's with a friend and you notice that your scarf is stuck to the table. "Ewwww!" you say, to which your partner replies, "Oh, no worries, it's just the new finish they put on these tables. They use special organic paint, made of Coca-Cola mixed with toothpaste. It's much safer than the old stuff they used to use, like grease mixed with lead arsenate."
  5. A command. It's most commonly combined with other words when used in this way; a bare "Finish!" is unusual. So, for instance, you're in the only bathroom in the house, where you've been camped for the last hour or two reading old Archie comics, and one of your relatives (a parent, a sister -- something like that) starts pounding on the door and screaming. "For God's sake what are you doing in there?? Will you just finish already and get out or I'm going to be using a bucket out here!", they say.

(I'm sorry -- I seem to have lost track. What was this page supposed to be about, again?)

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