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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

[11:38]	[INFO]	Channel view for “#illogicopedia” opened.
[11:38]	-->|	YOU (Flameviper) have joined #illogicopedia
[11:38]	=-=	Topic for #illogicopedia is “ 
| #toilet | FYI: We are all ego-maniacs here. Just thought you should know. 
| <Slinking_Ferret> Wikipedia is your fried”
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[11:38]	*ChanServ*	[#illogicopedia] Welcome to ?pedia,
[11:38]	<SilentPenguin>	hiho
[11:38]	<Flameviper>	hey seppy
[11:38]	<Flameviper>	school am finally ovar, this are mine first days of free
[11:39]	<SilentPenguin>	i have till thursday
[11:39]	<Flameviper>	there are no websites that I can log into using the username flameviper
[11:39]	<SilentPenguin>	:(
[11:39]	<Flameviper>	I R B&
[11:39]	<SilentPenguin>	gutted
[11:40]	<Flameviper>	banned!
[11:40]	<Flameviper>	imma' go drown my troubles in some good old fashioned /b/
[11:40]	<SilentPenguin>	some ED user is stalking you
[11:40]	<SilentPenguin>	he was here the other day
[11:41]	<Flameviper>	who was that
[11:41]	<SilentPenguin>	he was all nice and stuff than he started slagging the site off and saying things like "ED for  the win"
[11:41]	<SilentPenguin>	so i banned him
[11:41]	===	olipro, silentpenguin, and nalioth are online.
[11:41]	===	corpse2007, braydie, nerd42, jwales, crazytales2, and soms are offline.
[11:43]	<SilentPenguin>	spaceweasel
[11:43]	* SilentPenguin	gives Flameviper a poke
[11:43]	<Flameviper>	spaceweasel eh?
[11:43]	<Flameviper>	i know that shit
[11:45]	<SilentPenguin>	i thought you would
[11:47]	<SilentPenguin>	he annoy you then
[12:03]	<Flameviper>	fuck! my mouse is broekn
[12:03]	<Flameviper>	and randomly scrolling
[12:03]	<Flameviper>	ARRRRGH
[12:05]	-->|	James-001 (n=James-00@unaffiliated/james-001) has joined #illogicopedia
[12:05]	<James-001>	hi hi
[12:07]	<SilentPenguin>	hello
[12:08]	<SilentPenguin>	datrio said he would code the extention
[12:09]	<SilentPenguin>	infact he thought it was a genius idea
[12:09]	<SilentPenguin>	O_O
[12:09]	<SilentPenguin>	maybe he just likes a challange
[12:10]	<James-001>	cool
[12:10]	<SilentPenguin>	i might add it to Illogicopedia too
[12:11]	<SilentPenguin>	have not decided yet
[12:12]	<Flameviper>	hey jameses
[12:12]	<Flameviper>	i like you guys
[12:12]	<SilentPenguin>	:D
[12:12]	<Flameviper>	that's why i like illogicopedia
[12:13]	<Flameviper>	it's nice and small, there are only about 10 users and I know all of you
[12:13]	<SilentPenguin>	aww, shucks
[12:13]	<James-001>	hi
[12:13]	* Flameviper	hugs SilentPenguin, James-001 and Mathpoet
[12:13]	<James-001>	...uhh...ok
[12:13]	* SilentPenguin	prods mathpoet
[12:13]	<Flameviper>	James-001, Silent Penguin, Asema, Mathpoet, Testostereich, HelloolleH, David, Fluffalizer,  Nerd42
[12:13]	<SilentPenguin>	i think hes dead again
[12:14]	<Flameviper>	mathpoet leaves IRC open when he's gone
[12:14]	<James-001>	never heard of three of those people
[12:14]	<SilentPenguin>	yeah
[12:15]	<SilentPenguin>	Flameviper, David and Asema are the same person
[12:15]	<Flameviper>	I see
[12:15]	<Flameviper>	but still
[12:15]	<SilentPenguin>	you missed out Hindleyite too
[12:15]	<Flameviper>	James-001, Silent Penguin, Asema, Mathpoet, Testostereich, HelloolleH, Hindleyite,  Fluffalizer, Nerd42
[12:15]	<SilentPenguin>	and MMF
[12:15]	<SilentPenguin>	:P
[12:15]	<Flameviper>	the fact that there is nobody on the site who I don't know...
[12:16]	<SilentPenguin>	yeah
[12:16]	<SilentPenguin>	exept for new people
[12:16]	<Flameviper>	it's not like you'll say a name and I'll be "who is that?
[12:16]	<Flameviper>	there are few new people
[12:16]	<James-001>	oh...
[12:16]	<Flameviper>	where is the cutoff line for "founding members" and "new people" though?
[12:17]	<SilentPenguin>	:P
[12:17]	* SilentPenguin	is a founding member
[12:18]	<SilentPenguin>	how come you left wikia James ?
[12:19]	<James-001>	ummm...because....well, i'm kinda listening to two or three channels at once while on  #vandalism-en-wp at the same time
[12:19]	* SilentPenguin	has eight channels open
[12:20]	<Flameviper>	i can't forget slinking ferret
[12:20]	<Flameviper>	GOD DAMN THIS MOUSE!
[12:20]	<Flameviper>	the friggin' scroller won't stop scrolling
[12:20]	<Flameviper>	up
[12:20]	<SilentPenguin>	heh
[12:20]	<Flameviper>	so I can't see the bottom of the window
[12:20]	<Flameviper>	every few seconds it changes dierction too
[12:20]	<Flameviper>	ARRRRRG
[12:20]	<SilentPenguin>	why dont you calaborate the mouse?
[12:20]	<Flameviper>	&(#% WINDOWS
[12:21]	<Flameviper>	damn
[12:21]	<James-001>	ok...
[12:21]	<Flameviper>	it was a $25 mouse too
[12:21]	<Flameviper>	which is a lot for a mouse (for britons)
[12:21]	<Flameviper>	speaking of which, how many miles to the gallon do british cars get?
[12:21]	<Flameviper>	eep... kilometers
[12:23]	* Flameviper	gets converter
[12:23]	<SilentPenguin>	$25 about £15 pounds
[12:23]	<James-001>	???
[12:23]	<SilentPenguin>	er, its not KM is the UK
[12:23]	<SilentPenguin>	its miles
[12:23]	<SilentPenguin>	and they do less than american ones
[12:24]	<James-001>	yep
[12:24]	<SilentPenguin>	because our roads have corners
[12:24]	<SilentPenguin>	everything else is metric though
[12:25]	* SilentPenguin	has some imperial money.
[12:25]	<SilentPenguin>	shillings pounds, pence fathings hape'nees
[12:27]	<Flameviper>	your roads have square corners instread of rounded curves?
[12:27]	<SilentPenguin>	wha ?
[12:27]	<Flameviper>	everything can be turned into a rounded curve when you're on a bike and the off-road material  is grass
[12:27]	<SilentPenguin>	no, we have round corners
[12:28]	<SilentPenguin>	but we have lots of them
[12:28]	<Flameviper>	<SilentPenguin> because our roads have corners
[12:28]	<SilentPenguin>	not your silly straight arsed roads
[12:28]	<Flameviper>	we have straight roads over a curved planet, curved land
[12:28]	<SilentPenguin>	corner, curve, its the same thing in road terms
[12:29]	<MathPoet>	hey Flameviper and SilentPenguin
[12:29]	<Flameviper>	MATHEY!
[12:29]	<SilentPenguin>	hello
[12:29]	<MathPoet>	rounded corners?
[12:29]	<SilentPenguin>	yeah
[12:29]	<Flameviper>	wrote any math poetry lately?
[12:30]	<MathPoet>	hehe. no. just trying lately not to lose my f***ing mind, actually.
[12:30]	<SilentPenguin>	isnt it too late for that?
[12:30]	<MathPoet>	i did an article in Vaporstory.
[12:30]	<Flameviper>	I'm trying to work with my crazyass mouse
[12:30]	<SilentPenguin>	Mathy, I saw
[12:30]	<MathPoet>	what did you think?
[12:30]	<MathPoet>	too technical?
[12:31]	<SilentPenguin>	the content one?
[12:31]	<MathPoet>	the Inabor one, right?
[12:31]	<SilentPenguin>	ah
[12:31]	<SilentPenguin>	sorry yeah
[12:31]	<SilentPenguin>	just having a no brainer there
[12:31]	<MathPoet>	what? too techinical?
[12:32]	<SilentPenguin>	nah its alright
[12:32]	<SilentPenguin>	needs some sort of picture though
[12:32]	<MathPoet>	i wanted it to be complex, but plausible.
[12:32]	<MathPoet>	i don't know nothin' about no pictures.
[12:33]	<MathPoet>	but I like the idea of tying tog ether different facts and stuff.
[12:33]	<MathPoet>	we need more life and fewer gods .
[12:34]	<MathPoet>	would you mind if we either cut down the number of gods, or simplified what they are the gods  of?
[12:34]	<MathPoet>	I'm thinking of a basic council of gods. like the greeks.
[12:35]	<MathPoet>	there could be lesser gods....
[12:35]	<MathPoet>	i'm babbling, aren't I? sorry.
[12:36]	<MathPoet>	SilentPenguin: what did you think of the Contents page? helpful?
[12:36]	<SilentPenguin>	yeah
[12:36]	<SilentPenguin>	:P
[12:37]	<Flameviper>	I get to be the god of FLAMES
[12:37]	<MathPoet>	have to flesh out the fauna and the flora, too, maybe.
[12:37]	<Flameviper>	SilentPenguin: Ice, Flameviper: Fire
[12:37]	<Flameviper>	other than that, we still need thunder, darkness, water, wind, darkness, and life
[12:38]	<MathPoet>	it can't be that primitive, i'm afraid
[12:38]	<MathPoet>	this society is 5000 years old
[12:38]	<Flameviper>	how so?
[12:38]	<Flameviper>	we can modify the 8 basic elements
[12:38]	<Flameviper>	like...
[12:38]	<MathPoet>	it has to be more advanced than believing in gods about the basics of nature.
[12:39]	<MathPoet>	like god of truth.
[12:39]	<MathPoet>	goddess of fate.
[12:39]	<MathPoet>	god of the living
[12:39]	<MathPoet>	goddess of the dead.
[12:39]	<MathPoet>	goddess of birth.
[12:40]	<MathPoet>	god of the harvest.
[12:40]	<Flameviper>	frostbite, fireplace, lightbulb, 4chan, Evian, ceiling fan, and Tylenol
[12:40]	<MathPoet>	you know what i mean.
[12:40]	<SilentPenguin>	why would death have a godess
[12:40]	<SilentPenguin>	dieing isnt much cop to be honest
[12:40]	<MathPoet>	i don't know. i was playfully suggesting things.
[12:41]	<MathPoet>	the gods and goddesses have to be kind of in the background.
[12:41]	<Flameviper>	yeah boy
[12:41]	<MathPoet>	kind of like the Catholic church.
[12:41]	<Flameviper>	shit, there goes my mouse again!
[12:41]	<MathPoet>	we don't think too much about miracles any more, but we used to. that kind of thing.
[12:42]	<MathPoet>	what is it with your mouse, Flameviper?
[12:42]	* SilentPenguin	wants to know when apple are going to release the touch screen video iPod
[12:42]	<SilentPenguin>	and not the sodding iPhone
[12:43]	<MathPoet>	anyway, SP, what about reducing or restructuring the pantheon?
[12:43]	<MathPoet>	are you cool with it?
[12:43]	<MathPoet>	or are they embedded too much by now?
[12:44]	<SilentPenguin>	pantheon? Athens no?
[12:44]	<MathPoet>	no. the collection of gods and goddesses.
[12:44]	<SilentPenguin>	:P
[12:44]	<SilentPenguin>	mathpoet, nothing is embedded too much
[12:45]	<SilentPenguin>	there are no users
[12:45]	<MathPoet>	haha! too bad, but cool in a way.
[12:45]	<MathPoet>	lots of potential.
[12:46]	<SilentPenguin>	yes
[12:46]	<MathPoet>	wish we could get more users, though.
[12:46]	<SilentPenguin>	well, we need a bedrock first
[12:46]	<MathPoet>	that's precisely my goal.
[12:46]	<MathPoet>	organization
[12:46]	<MathPoet>	and development.
[12:46]	<Flameviper>	is the iPhone out yet?
[12:47]	<James-001>	29?
[12:47]	<James-001>	i think
[12:47]	<Flameviper>	I read in Popular Science that they're making an open-source touch-screen cell phone with music, interwebs, and call capability
[12:47]	<MathPoet>	hey James-001!
[12:47]	=-=	Mode #illogicopedia +o SilentPenguin by ChanServ
[12:48]	<James-001>	hi
[12:48]	=-=	YOU (Flameviper) have been booted from #illogicopedia by SilentPenguin (please no cussing :P)
[12:48]	-->|	YOU (Flameviper) have joined #illogicopedia
[12:48]	=-=	Topic for #illogicopedia is “ 
| #toilet | FYI: We are all  ego-maniacs here. Just thought you should know. 
| <Slinking_Ferret> Wikipedia is your fried”
[12:48]	=-=	Topic for #illogicopedia was set by SilentPenguin on Friday, June 01, 2007 12:03:43 PM
[12:48]	*ChanServ*	[#illogicopedia] Welcome to ?pedia,
[12:48]	=-=	Mode #illogicopedia -o SilentPenguin by SilentPenguin
[12:48]	<SilentPenguin>	we arnt chimps round here
[12:48]	<Flameviper>	...
[12:48]	<Flameviper>	my mouse is shite
[12:48]	<Flameviper>	is "shite"
[12:49]	<Flameviper>	a cuss word in britain?
[12:49]	<SilentPenguin>	*shit*-e
[12:49]	<SilentPenguin>	its not like we havent heard of i t
[12:49]	<Flameviper>	I know that, but if I say it as "shight" (like "height"), then nobody cares, I even said it to  my principal once and he didn't mind
[12:49]	<SilentPenguin>	you do know Shit comes from a boating term
[12:50]	<MathPoet>	do tell.
[12:50]	<Flameviper>
[12:50]	<SilentPenguin>	its an acronim
[12:50]	<Flameviper>	"ship high in transport"?
[12:50]	<Flameviper>	for manure right?
[12:50]	<SilentPenguin>	yeah
[12:50]	* Flameviper	rolls eyes
[12:50]	<SilentPenguin>	:P
[12:50]	<MathPoet>	bbl
[12:50]	<MathPoet>	bye
[12:52]	<James-001>	k
[12:54]	<SilentPenguin>	bye
[12:54]	<Flameviper>	OH SHI-
[12:54]	<SilentPenguin>	sizzle, i havn't checked the RC in 40 mins
[12:59]	<Flameviper>	I hope I didn't overcook y ramen
[12:59]	<Flameviper>	*my ramen
[12:59]	* SilentPenguin	has pasta for dinna
[12:59]	<Flameviper>	pasta!
[13:00]	<SilentPenguin>	:D
[13:00]	* Flameviper	likes to eat pepperoni with pizza sauce on it
[13:00]	<SilentPenguin>	Wth mince
[13:00]	<Flameviper>	SAUCE-A-RONI
[13:00]	<Flameviper>	ramen is parfetto
[13:00]	* Flameviper	makes an A-OK sign and winks
[13:00]	<SilentPenguin>	and a potato roasty thing
[13:00]	<Flameviper>	rotessireie?
[13:01]	<SilentPenguin>	cus it was in the fridge
[13:01]	<Flameviper>	YEAH TOAST!
[13:01]	<SilentPenguin>	its like, cheese and potato
[13:03]	<James-001>	mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....dry toast and...GRAVVVVVYYYYY
[13:03]	<James-001>	...
[13:05]	* Flameviper	got a bike yesterday
[13:05]	<Flameviper>	rusty piece of crap that's been in my dad's basement for 5 yers
[13:05]	<James-001>	...
[13:05]	<Flameviper>	but damn, it works
[13:05]	<James-001>	i just drive my mom's car is in pieces
[13:08]	<SilentPenguin>	I just drive your mum.
[13:08]	<SilentPenguin>	ooo, burn
[13:08]	<SilentPenguin>	:P
[13:08]	<SilentPenguin>	sorry
[13:09]	=-=	Mode #illogicopedia +o SilentPenguin by ChanServ
[13:09]	<James-001>	ummm...go ahead if you want...if you into that kind of stuff...???
[13:09]	=-=	SilentPenguin was booted from #illogicopedia by SilentPenguin (SilentPenguin)
[13:09]	<James-001>	weirdo
[13:09]	-->|	SilentPenguin ( has joined #illogicopedia
[13:09]	<SilentPenguin>	:P
[13:09]	<SilentPenguin>	nah, mum loving isnt my thing
[13:10]	<--|	James-001 has left #illogicopedia ("Parting is such sweet sorrow.")
[13:11]	<SilentPenguin>	wonder where he is going
[13:14]	-->|	Aseman (i=1843fdd1@gateway/web/cgi-irc/ has joined #illogicopedia
[13:14]	<SilentPenguin>	heh
[13:14]	<Aseman>	Yeah.
[13:14]	<Flameviper>	ASEMA?!
[13:14]	<Aseman>	Having trouble getting on my own-- yes.
[13:15]	<Flameviper>	Asema, sup?
[13:15]	<Aseman>	Nothing much.
[13:15]	* SilentPenguin	notices that aseman can be made into Ase man :P
[13:15]	<Flameviper>	you read the latest ish yous of 16-bit theatre?
[13:15]	<Aseman>	Or A Seman.
[13:15]	<Aseman>	Yes.
[13:15]	<Flameviper>	up to what now, 15?
[13:15]	<Aseman>	Meta-references are fun.
[13:15]	<SilentPenguin>	you should still be able to be asema
[13:16]	<SilentPenguin>	as its a different server
[13:16]	<Flameviper>	anyway, I'm kind of tired of the internetz
[13:16]	<Flameviper>	Asema, how long is you being on for?
[13:16]	<SilentPenguin>	how can you get tired of the internet
[13:16]	=-=	Aseman is now known as Asema
[13:17]	<Asema>	For a little while.
[13:17]	<Asema>	Why are you tired of the internet, FV?
[13:18]	<Asema>	Anyone tired of the Internet is also tired of Illogicopedia.
[13:18]	<Asema>	Are you telling me you hate uzz? ='(
[13:18]	<SilentPenguin>	heh
[13:19]	* SilentPenguin	prods Flameviper with a sharp stick
[13:19]	* Asema	runs into the candy room crying.
[13:19]	<SilentPenguin>	the candy room
[13:19]	<Asema>	Yes.
[13:19]	<Asema>	It's a room with a pool.
[13:19]	<SilentPenguin>	there is no candy room
[13:19]	<Asema>	Full of candy.
[13:19]	<Asema>	Aww, damn.
[13:19]	<SilentPenguin>	only a snickers room
[13:19]	* Asema	runs into the bathroom with a piece of glass then.
[13:19]	<Asema>	Ooh, Snickers!
[13:19]	<SilentPenguin>	we are all man
[13:19]	* Asema	runs into the snickers room.
[13:20]	<Flameviper>	not illogicopedia
[13:20]	<SilentPenguin>	you seen the new snickers advert
[13:20]	<Flameviper>	every site hatorzz me
[13:20]	<Asema>	Yes.
[13:20]	<Asema>	Peanut-free.
[13:20]	<Flameviper>	ed, rio, wp, uncyc
[13:20]	<Asema>	We love you, though, Flameviper.
[13:20]	<SilentPenguin>	er, no
[13:20]	<SilentPenguin>	yeah
[13:20]	<Flameviper>	silentpenguin: er, no to what
[13:20]	* SilentPenguin	hugs flameviper
[13:20]	<Asema>	So, Flameviper?
[13:20]	<Asema>	I have news.
[13:20]	<Flameviper>	some stupid shits from a site called random insanity online are harasssing me
[13:20]	<Asema>	I think we should all start an illogical band and use the podcast as our envoy.
[13:21]	* Flameviper	has to go to the bathroonm REALLY BAD
[13:21]	<Asema>	ks
[13:21]	<SilentPenguin>
[13:21]	<Asema>	u can teh florz
[13:21]	<Asema>	*us teh
[13:21]	<SilentPenguin>	ah, asema, i found someone to do the extension for me
[13:22]	<SilentPenguin>	Datrio infact
[13:22]	<Asema>	From where?
[13:22]	<Asema>	Or is that a new member?
[13:22]	<SilentPenguin>	a wikia staff, so the likly hood of it getting loaded onto wikia is also high
[13:23]	<SilentPenguin>	he thought it was a good idea
[13:23]	<SilentPenguin>	he better not get a payrise because of it
[13:23]	<SilentPenguin>	:P
[13:24]	<Asema>	Aren't the Wikia staff mostly (or all) volunteers?
[13:24]	<Flameviper>	heh
[13:24]	<Flameviper>	wikia is a for-profit company
[13:24]	<Flameviper>	and I can play the piano LIKE A MO'FO
[13:24]	<Asema>	Okay.
[13:24]	<Flameviper>	I can't read music but I can lpay any song on the ivory by ear
[13:24]	<Asema>	Seppy can be the vocalist.
[13:25]	<SilentPenguin>	yeah wikia staff get paid
[13:25]	<Flameviper>	play
[13:25]	<Asema>	And I'll play the guitar.
[13:25]	<SilentPenguin>	i cant sing
[13:25]	<Asema>	Fine.
[13:25]	<Flameviper>	You can... play guitar?!
[13:25]	<Asema>	I'll sing.
[13:25]	<Asema>	Technically, yes.
[13:25]	<Asema>	I know how to do some of it.
[13:25]	<SilentPenguin>	same
[13:25]	<SilentPenguin>	i know some stuff
[13:25]	<Flameviper>	I can't record my ownage, should have nicked a microphone from school :/
[13:25]	<Flameviper>	CompUSA went out of business
[13:25]	* SilentPenguin	coughs, smoke on the water cough cough
[13:26]	<Flameviper>	had to disconnect my mouse again for being a little bitch
[13:26]	<Asema>	Here's my idea for songs. XP
[13:27]	<Asema>	1. The Real Quest
[13:27]	<Flameviper>	what?
[13:27]	<Asema>	2. Logic Die Die Die
[13:27]	<Asema>	And..
[13:27]	<Flameviper>	I once wrote a song about the interbutts
[13:27]	<Asema>	3. Battle with Flameviper
[13:27]	<SilentPenguin>	X)
[13:27]	<Flameviper>	XD
[13:27]	<SilentPenguin>	XD *
[13:27]	<Flameviper>	I can write lyrics too
[13:27]	<Flameviper>	what if we did the flameviper song: REMIX?
[13:28]	<Flameviper>	you know, that annoying-as-hell youtube I made?
[13:28]	<Asema>	...
[13:28]	<Asema>	NO
[13:29]	<SilentPenguin>	heh
[13:30]	<SilentPenguin>	woot, the wiki's database is 1mb
[13:30]	<SilentPenguin>	:P
[13:30]	<Asema>	Flameviper can cast Naughty Touch, I heard.
[13:30]	<Asema>	It's an instant kill against any males, but against females it deals 500 damage to you.
[13:31]	<SilentPenguin>	:(
[13:32]	<SilentPenguin>	iv got to go now
[13:32]	<SilentPenguin>	iv got dinna
[13:32]	<SilentPenguin>	i will be back later though
[13:32]	<Flameviper>	naughty touch?
[13:32]	<Flameviper>	SILENTPENGUIN WTF?!
[13:32]	<Flameviper>	It's 1:30 in the afternoon!
[13:32]	<Asema>	Yes.
[13:32]	<SilentPenguin>	not for me
[13:32]	<Flameviper>	what time is it where you live?
[13:32]	<SilentPenguin>	its 18:25
[13:32]	<Flameviper>	...6:25?
[13:33]	<Flameviper>	I eat dinner at * 
[13:33]	<SilentPenguin>	im im britain
[13:33]	<Flameviper>	at 8
[13:33]	<SilentPenguin>	i do at the weekend
[13:33]	<SilentPenguin>	anywho
[13:33]	<Flameviper>	well, tell your prime minister that his clocks are set 12 hours fast
[13:33]	<SilentPenguin>	keep the channel warm for me
[13:33]	<Flameviper>	...
[13:33]	<Flameviper>	:P
[13:33]	<Flameviper>	see ya
[13:33]	<Asema>	No.
[13:33]	<Asema>	I'm putting it in my water cooler.
[13:34]	<SilentPenguin>	mathey said he would be back soon
[13:34]	<Asema>	And then casting Meteo5 on it.
[13:34]	<Flameviper>	anyway asema, sup
[13:34]	|<--	SilentPenguin has left ("going to [Insert Lame Excuse]")
[13:34]	<Asema>	Oh, nothing.
[13:34]	<Asema>	Just experimenting with highly dangerous magic.
[13:34]	<Flameviper>	erm.
[13:34]	<Asema>	Say, how much does SP pay you to stay on the site?
[13:34]	<Flameviper>	nothing
[13:34]	<Flameviper>	why
[13:34]	<Asema>	Oh.
[13:34]	<Asema>	I guess only admins get paid.
[13:34]	<Asema>	He pays us 5,000 gil a second.
[13:35]	<Asema>	To sit around.
[13:52]	<Flameviper>	1181929020916.jpg OH GOD, WHAT THE FUCK
[14:27]	-->|	SilentPenguin ( has joined #illogicopedia
[14:31]	|<--	MathPoet has left ("Leaving")
[14:31]	<SilentPenguin>	Nooo, mathpoet
[14:32]	===	silentpenguin is online.
[14:37]	* SilentPenguin	smites mathpoet
[14:37]	<SilentPenguin>	and asema and Flameviper for that matter
[14:46]	<Flameviper>	yp
[14:46]	<Flameviper>	i wuz ridin' mah bike
[14:46]	<Flameviper>	now my fingers feel like elbows
[14:46]	<SilentPenguin>	heh