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Predicaments arise in the face of absurdity, but to serialize this nonsense would be an endeavor all on its own to the point of entropy. Ceaseless abstractions made ravenously and illogically can never cease to tarnish a website (much less a mind), but the undertakings of the abstract expressions at hand have their place in the ever-growing and evermore surreal depths of insanity made flesh. Hearken the words amid their nonsensical premises, for they have no means of being understood; analysis will invariably prove to be futile. The means by which these words coalesce into the bizarre oddities that are presented before the bemused, repulsed, and horrified eyes of all onlookers is a process that escapes all reason and explanation. The ambiguity that pervades can easily border on absolute incoherence.


Make it better? Nay, make it better for better with a better. Walls may not close in with the slightest whiff of barbitol, but the seemingly endless array of options presented before you in dollars can never suffice for using the word "suffice" all the time. It's like a backwards reflection. Or an inflection. THE PSYCHOSOMATIC TENSION PRESENT IN THE CRANIAL REGION CAN HAVE DIRE EFFECTS ON YOUR HEALTH, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO ASSOCIATING YOURSELF WITH DOGMATIC VACUOUSNESS THAT MANIFESTS ITSELF IN THE FORM OF IDEOLOGY.

Dire attempts at beating a dead horse figuratively (frothy, isn't it?) can never cede to embellishment. Ennui would never manifest themselves in a bookshelf holding feminist geography literature, but the laureates over there in Stockholm have a compilation of melodies made death in the space of 140 can never...