Gabriel Iglesias

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Gabriel Iglesias ruptured my spleen, along with millions of other Latinos north of the Mexican border and in New York.

Before you see his secret methods of spleen-rupturing, it is mandatory that you use the bathroom beforehand. Afterward, rifle through your old books and see if you can find a Larousse English/Spanish Dictionary so you can understand the full funniness of the following footage.

You have been warned.

If you do not have time (1:02:30) to have your spleen ruptured, then an illogical description of Gabriel has been provided beneath the leaked CIA footage.

Gabriel Iglesias (also known in Illogian monasteries as "Fluffy") is a standup comedian/Illogian monk who translates the ancient scriptures of Illogia into tastefully done comedy shows mostly done in the West Coast. For decades, Gabriel has been busting people's spleens his butt translating the ancient scriptures for the people to laugh their ass off obtain the unabridged knowledge of Illogia.