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GiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggity giggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggity giggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggity GiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggity giggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggity GiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggity GiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggityGiggitygiggity!

OMG, it's too hard![edit | edit source]

Can you actually say "giggity" dead fast wivout stoppin? I can't do it. I getz tripped up. I'm rubbesh. I need to go backk teh schoowl.

Family Guy[edit | edit source]

And all the things that make us EFFING CRY! HES - A - FAM - LEE - GUYYYYYYYYY!

I only found out it says 'Laugh and cry' when I turned up my telly up. Had to use the buttons on the telly. He wasn't best pleased, he hit me :'( Claimed I felt his private parts. Honestly it does sound like stewie says effing cry: when Family Guy comes on next, turn your TV all the way down but not all the way down and see!