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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

 <LilRedRidinn00b> Hey Grandma, 
 0_o Woah, what big eyes you have
 <GrandmaWolf> That's the, uh, hip replacement working it's magic
 <LilRedRidinn00b> Yeah but still, what Big Ears you have
 <GrandmaWolf> OI!! Cheeky, their perfectly normal
 <LilRedRidinn00b> They're huuuge, and they've got loads of hair growing out of them
 <GrandmaWolf> STFU there nothing compared to your furry lugs!
 <SilentPenguin> SLAM, you just got told by a girl!! 
 <LilRedRidinn00b> Grandma! He's making fun of me!
 SilentPenguin punches Li'lRedRidin'n00b
 Li'lRedRidin'n00b cries
 GrandmaWolf growls angrily
 *SilentPenguin has quit #illogicopedia (Oh noes I is being devoured)
 <LilRedRidinn00b> Thanks Granny. Hey, I just noticed what Big Teeth you have
 <GrandmaWolf> Wha? Oh yeah, I stole these dentures of some dea- sleeping pensioner that I'd eate- met.
 <LilRedRidinn00b> ...
 <LilRedRidinn00b> Wow, What a Big bulge you have. 
 <GrandmaWolf> WTF!??
 <LilRedRidinn00b> - in your neck
 <GrandmaWolf> Riiiiite, the other one's still pretty big too
 <LilRedRidinn00b> What other bulge
 <GrandmaWolf> Never mind
 <LilRedRidinn00b> While we're on the subject, what Big Feet you have
 <GrandmaWolf> Now that is enough!
 <LilRedRidinn00b> What a  resemblance you have to scooby doo
 <GrandmaWolf> STFU I don't look anything like that n00b!
 LilRedRidinn00b appears not to hear <GrandmaWolf>, she's  oggling something around where Grandma's chest is
 <LilRedRidinn00b> What Big Boobs you have Grandma
 <GrandmaWolf> Euwww, you've put me off dinner. Get out!
 <LilRedRidinn00b> Can I touch them?
 GrandmaWolf points towards the door
 *LilRedRidinn00b has quit #illogicopedia (mutters under breath)
 <ChanServ> Hi everybody
 *ChanServ is kicked from #internet (breaking the perpetual monotomy of IRC)