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“HOH Whoa...”

~ André Breton on on HOH

HOH is yet another anagram used during text messaging, instant messaging, e-mail etc. It stand for High on Heroin. The person sending the message implies that they are induced by a concentrated narcotic, revealing illegal activity. Hopefully they send the message to a policeman's cell phone. That would mean jail.

HOH has had a brief history. The amount of years the term has been said is less than three, and the amount of times it has actually bee used is even smaller. There has been a dispute between people as to what this anagram really means. One believes it is "Humping Old Horses", and the other believes "HaXX0r Omg HaXX0r". The two sides, as you could tell, are the demented Sirloin Steaks Who Just Escaped From the Mental Hospital and the 13373rz. The war slowly dissolved away as funds for the war diminished because it was all spent on electricity bills and gas.

HOH is a retired veteran of war and is currently living in a two room cabin in the Leftern Hemisphere with his 20 wives and 903 kids. He watches the little kids down the street very closely... just like how he watches YOU!

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