I haxxorz j00

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“Mwahahahaaha, jOO H4Z B33N H4XXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh, I wish I had friends.”

~ Some Vandal on haxxxing joo
Dr. Hax is watching you.

0d3 2 7h3 1337[edit | edit source]

Mightily you stand, clad in blazing gold
In real life you are losers, your pizza's getting cold.
With a mere click of the shift key you terminate a n00b,
Yelling with great animosity -

We may have reality, bright lights, swings and moods,
But you get into my base, and R killin' all ma d00ds!
One day teh intarwebz will be barren, a desert quite clearly
Shutdown by the Government
A ban placed on "YA RLY!"

Laughing at the lolcats, not an admin in sight
You hiss and your skin swells angrily
When you're exposed to natural light
This is an Ode to the 1337
The trollers with no life
They pretend to get laid watching hentai
Dude! SRSLI that's not nice.

To be honest most need pwning
That should get them on the mend
I mean who likes World Of Warcraft?
As opposed to actual friends.

What a bunch of /b/tards.