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Similar to insanity, the hamsanity disease (invented by the Ham-Clan) was made as a cure to Beefitis. It usually involves the victim to turn into a Ham of the Ham-Clan, whilst not completely looking or smelling like a Ham, but happily having a hearty Ham life in the Ham-Clans huge city of Pork (pronounced Prok to the Cod-Clubians).

Hamsanity is not to be confused with Hammotran 8300, or the Hammatron 3000. Both of which being vehicles involved with the destruction of the world, or power levelling.

Hamsanity can be taken in many ways, such as smoking slices of ham, injecting liquid ham into your bloodstream, or taking Hs (a pill which has twice the effect of ecstacy, but half the effect of being punched in the face).