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A hat is a protective object that covers your head, usually to protect your head from rain and other deadly natural wonders like sunshine. However, it has a more secretive purpose, and is actually used to deflect those dang mind beams the CIA has acquired from Dr. Doom.

Hats are normally worn by Lvl. 100 Wizards so that they can absorb mp using the Absorb Mana skill whilst doublecasting Fire over and over again to burn the deadly mind rays. It can also protect you from Psyducks.

There are a variety of hats available in many hat shops to provide you the most comfort and protection and there is a hat for everybody!

Some hats:

  • Top Hat - This tall hat protects your head from extremely long mind rays and acid rain.
  • Tin Foil Hat - Deflects pyschic mind penetration powers commonly used by gypsies and people pretending to have pyschic powers.
  • Gangster Hat - Not a hat.
  • Cap - It's affordable so all those paranoid people can buy it with ease. In fact, you can buy 5 and stack them on top of each other to minimize brain cell loss.
  • Fedora - Brown hat with curvy edges so that mind rays are reflected back.
  • Sombrero - Has cool bell-things hanging down to ward off evil hat-stealing spirits/bums.