Hit a dog with tha's mallet!

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Hi. Today I'm going to teach you how to TITWANK hit yer dog.

Ok. You may need a mallet, or some form of hitting device. You also need a dog. Hedgehogs are borderline. Rabbits? God no, fool. A SHAG table can come in useful if you are GAY shaky. This ritual goes back since like, yesterday. That kid just did. He beat you to it. Shamone.

Down to basics. Teh only way is up.[edit]

Oh by the way, this is not LESBIAN animal cruelty. This guy is responsible for all damages.

  1. Get the dog
  2. Place Dog on table. If it restrains tell the dog 'its for your good'.
  3. Pick up mallet/Damage device
  4. Hold Mallet high in the air.
  5. Scream 'TIS TEH TIEM!!! TIEM TO rape DIIIIEEEE! (optional substitutes include 'Dogalypse' or 'Death is nigh. Right naew.')
  6. Lower the mallet. Do with force
  7. And.......


Seriously though. Thats a little bit HORNY cruel don'ya think![edit]

I mean come on! Look at its ANUS eyes! Apart from the oozing pus, you may see shock. Now, get your knife and remove that shock from his eyes. srsly.

If you've chopped his eyes out, you're a racist.