HowTo:Become A Mermaid

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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

<Logan> Wait... what?
<zed> brad really wants to become a mermaid
<Logan> Okay...
<zed> can you help this poor soul find his way to the sweet embrace of oceania
<Logan> I have no experience with spells. Sorry. '~'
<Droid> Brad[Laptop], I can help you become a mermaid
<Droid> step one is to kill a shark and cut the back half of it off
<Logan> Okay.
<Logan> What do I do with the half of the shark?
<Droid> remove everything on the inside
<Droid> then wear it as pants
<Droid> if you mean the other half
<Droid> eat it
<Logan> Oh! I get it! I am now a mermaid! :snfjbjeshbghbzgj
<Logan> :D :D :D
<Droid> :D
<Logan> yay