HowTo:Break rules

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So YoU wAnT tO bReAk RuLeS?! ALrIghT!!!


Here are the steps: Step numero uno is...ObTaIn A pIeCe Of PaPeR. Step numbah 2 is...WrItE a RuLe On It! Step number 3 is...

N0W h3r3's th3 fun p4rt!

Do anything you want as long as it damages the paper or something.


Rip it! Sm34r s0m3 t34 on it! Crumpl3 it! 34t 4 bit of it! Burn it! Put it in y0ur t0il3t! Urin4t3 0n it!


HI THERE[edit]

C0ngr4tul4ti0ns! Y0u sir/m4'4m h4v3 succ3ssfully... Wait,what was that word again?!