HowTo:Create a Meaningful, Happy Life for Yourself Using Nothing but Paper Towels

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Are you tired of encountering frustration and anxiety in your search for a happy, peaceful, enjoyable life? Are you lonely, depressed, or generally unhappy with the way your life has turned out?

Well now, using nothing but paper towels, you can create a happy life for yourself!!!!

Here's how!!!!

Buy a roll of paper towels.

Unroll the roll of paper towels.

Rip the paper towels in to individual sheets.

Fold each individual paper towel three times.

Assemble the paper towels in to a pile.

There you have it!!!

Now you've got a perfectly happy life, all thanks to this pile of paper towels!!!

When you die they'll bury you.

When you die, you'll be dirt.

When other people die, they will join you, and become part of you. You'll be blended together like a mixed fruit drink.

Pebbles of dirt mixed together. A swimming pool for worms.

But anyway, hope you enjoy the pure joy and deep meaning that the average roll of paper towels can bring to you.

Also, you can rid of the world of injustice and hate if you know how to properly arrange a pile of banana peels!!!!!!