HowTo:Destroy Illogicopedia

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You'll need these things[edit]

A fireaxe, a portable grue, a burning cookie accumulator, a wand of death, a congruent sword, some coins, a couple nick buck dollars, Stephen Hawking's brain, a Machievallian plan, a butthole, some shotguns, a few shotgun shells, a couple liters of diet coke, some pringles, your lord and master, a squirrel, your daimyo, a samurai sword, several spellbooks, a torch, a shield of deflection, some really good stats, a flying disk, a black hole, a bag of stuff, a bigger bag of stuff, several Metallica CDs, an altar to your preffered god, your starting equipment, a portable generator, a DNA extractor, an anti-clothes ray, an anti-wang grenade, Bcbkye, several theatrical books, 50,000 experience points, a game ticket, an apple, buttholes, the hand of wolfsbane, a big fat wand that serves no purpose, a giant doobie, a couple cans of your preffered soda, a magical tent, an instant map, a laptop, a haxx0rtool, and three pornographic URLs.

What to do[edit]

Attempt to heave your possessions along. Fail. Take the fireaxe, the doobie, and a spellbook. Charge at the admins, bypassing the unsuspecting members. The admins are seeming lightly-guarded. Give Asema the doobie, give Hindleyite his bag of stuff back, give Nerd42 the weakest spellbook you have. Now, charge at Silent Penguin. Get stopped by his guards. Googolplex is distracted and effectively forfeits due to an icecream truck. However, Testostereich is wearing pants that make him invincible to everything. If only you had brought your anti-clothes ray...

Next, jump out the window. Tumble and only break a couple bones. Now, run back to your campsite, grab the shotgun and the anti-clothes ray. Zap Testostereich nearly naked (don't zap the underwear, sicko), and give him a shotgun to the chest leaving holes. Next, Superjump up to the window. Try to shoot Silent Penguin; he's too busy to die, "Maybe later," he says, "but you can go spend this hundred-banana bill while you're waiting to make an attempt on my life." As you verify what the dollar bill is worth, you see the letters "This bill will totally not explode in your face."

Thank God that it didn't.

Anyways, you should probably spend it on feeding the Testostomonster.