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Aaah, Wikia. A place where even the most idiotic n00bish editor can, well.... edit. But, are you sick of there stupid skin? The wikis with no more than 99 pages? The arsy administrators who are seemingly to stupid to own a computer? how would you like to end it all? Well, you've come to the right place! This page was created by a professional on getting banned for doing stupid stuff. So, how do we get banned from a massive, absolutely hugely popular website? well, follow my instructions.

  1. Go to a random wiki, preferably one that has only between 340 - 2000 pages, and then open up the edit mode. Then, remove all the content on the page and type in something crude in ALL CAPS. How about, "Note: our main date-center is down. If you wish to browse the site, the mirror link is below at: [<-- insert random link to some famous shock-site --> <-- insert wiki's name --><-- Insert random TLD here -->]. Thank you for your time."
  2. Now, copy the text, and then save the page your on. now, do as I say:

Click the "random page" button, and you will be confronted with an article. Now, you should go to "edit" and remove all content from said page, and then paste what you just previously copied. Repeat these instructions at least 60 times. If you encounter a page you where previously on, then paste what you have copied into a blog post at least twice. Now, after you start getting threatening messages from users who where suckers who fell for your link, copy and paste this:

“you mother fucking ass licking cock sucking brown nosing pink eyed shit faced rim jobbing sheep holing bestiality prostituting tea bagging dog touching bitching gay nut rubbing blow jobbing lube eating retarded loner man boobed troll footed fire crouch crab filled hole stuffing nerdy blue waffled cum lipped midget shit pants badger self nipple pleasuring bastered un-wanted child nob kissing wanking ugly pimple faced donkey fucking crap bathing little cunt who has been raped in the bath tube by his hairy std spreading pedophile uncle.”

~ said words.

Do this to anyone who challenges you.

  1. Now, go to {{!}} and then, copy the message you made before, and then paste what you have copied onto the usually blank template. Now every page should have that message on the top of the screen instantly. Now, just stop doing anything, click "Special:Recentchanges" and then see the ensuing chaos.
  1. Go to IRC and go to "#wikia" and comment on what you have just done. Then, when everyone turns into a moralfag, either watch the rage everyone has until you get kicked, or get out if it is appropriate.
  1. do all this again, under a different IP address. But do it on a different wiki, and change your message, but only in something like changing bold to italics and so-forth.
  1. When you wake up the next morning, you will find you can't log into Wikia, you will notice the message "this account has been disabled" on your contributions page, and then move to ShoutWiki.

You are now a filthy, slobbering, if exquisite loser! Just like me!! Isn't that fun?

If you follow these steps, this could be you.