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Impersonating a Boulder is perhaps the most valuable life skill any human being can ever learn, except possibly Impersonating a Half-Full Can of Diet Pepsi in Nebraska. Learning to be a good boulder can take months of practice and years to perfect. But today, in THIS article, I'm going to outline the steps so YOU can begin your transformation and enter the elite world of boulder impersonation.

Step One[edit]

Get fat. Have you ever seen a skinny boulder? I doubt it. If you have, it was probably a stick.

Step Two[edit]

Paint yourself grey. Or Gray. Either way, you're the wrong color at the moment. Boulders aren't whitish pink, they're grey. So dump gray paint on yourself.

Step Three[edit]

Skip this step. It isn't important.

Step Four[edit]

Do NOT skip this step, because it's the most important of all.

Step Five[edit]

This step is somewhat important, but you can skip it if you're in a hurry.

Step Six[edit]

Repeat steps Three to Five.

Step Seven[edit]

Repeat step six.

Step Eight[edit]

Paint yourself gray again. At this point, the paint should have fallen off after repeating those last steps so many times.

Step Nine[edit]

Paint yourself grey again. Seriously, you can never have enough gray paint on yourself. Or grey paint. I can't remember how to spell that word. Isn't that awful?

Step Ten[edit]

Chop off your legs and arms.

Boulders don't HAVE legs and arms. If you want to look like a realistic boulder, get rid of them. Use a chainsaw. It's the most fun.

Step eleven[edit]

Check to make sure the gray paint is still on your body. Also, check to make sure that you're still sufficiently obese. Then, lie down next to some other boulders, and stop moving. Remain there for eternity.


YOU have now succesfully become a boulder.

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