HowTo:Make something spontaneously implode

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How To Make Something Spontaneously Implode:
A Guide

The Process[edit]

Follow these steps to produce spontaneous implosion:

  1. Make something spontaneously implode.
  2. Repeat step 1 until step three is reached.
  3. Something spontaneously implodes.


When step three is reached, one may achieve a variety of results, ranging from a false sense of satisfaction and self-importance to spontaneous implosion of one's self.


Simple logic may lead one to the following conclusions: The fact that one forces implosion onto a subject therefore nullifies the "spontaneous" part of the process. This deduction is entirely factual, therefore rendering this whole guide useless.

However, if one is too blissfully unaware to figure this concept out in their attempts to make something spontaneously implode, good for them.