HowTo:Wash the dishes

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First, remove your blindfold and untie your hands from behind your back. Really now, how are you gonna be able to tell if the dishes are clean if you're blindfolded? Next, locate the SOAP. No, not the kind you find on daytime television. Nope, not the bar kind either unless you can't find any other kind. It should be labelled dishwashing liquid. It should be clearish, not the kind that goes in the dishwasher. Now go to the sink. NO, NOT THE BATHROOM SINK! Hair and dishes don't mix, that's yucky. Cleaning the bathroom sink will be a lesson for next time. NO, NOT THE LAUNDRY ROOM SINK EITHER! THE KITCHEN SINK! You know, the room where meals are fixed? NO, NO STUFFING YOUR FACE WHILE YOU'RE IN THE KITCHEN! GO TO THE KITCHEN SINK! NOW! Okay, now that you are at the kitchen sink, put the plug in the drain, close it, and fill the sink with water. Add a little bit of soap but not too much. Just so it gets a little bubbly. BUT DONT LET THE SINK TOO FULL, don't let the sink overflow. NO, DON'T GET OUT YOUR BATHTUB TOYS AND PLAY WITH YOUR BOAT IN THE SINK! AND QUIT BLOWING BUBBLES WITH THE SOAP! Okay now, locate a rag or sponge and put it in the soapy water - NO CHASING AND THWACKING YOUR BROTHER WITH THE RAG! Argh...not again...I give up......