How Gravity Does

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Gravity, or the "pulldowns", is a striking phenomenon discovered in 1973. Gravity is the force that allows apples to fall off and onto, and most women to faint under and quite. When you witness a Salisbury tiger, you are witnessing gravity.

Gravity is one of the 73,000 fundamental wavethings of nature. It stands out as being the only force that contains no nuts, and can never be measured. It is the force behind Dancing With The Stars and The Shining.

Einstein was the first human man to capture a sample of unfiltered gravity. Anecdotal evidence provides lacking insight into the methods utilized, but what is indicated is that Einstein employed a technique called Gullivering.

The physicist Osborne Phelms suggested in 2009 that, "gravity might be my ticket out of here." However, his personal physician (and eminent physicist in his own right), Maxus Stylborne, rejected this claim. In his own words, "I was just cycling along and a bug went in my eye and I hate that."