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"And you're back in the room..."

TJ stayed in the trance.

The audience of seven hundred thousand ants didn't seem to realize it had gone wrong. They were too busy stealing all the fairy cakes. The fairy cakes could fly, but only when they could be bothered. Right now they were having a lazy time, which coincidentally was usually when a magician or hypnotist is in town. The hypnotist had never performed to such an audience before, and the pressure was getting to him.

Something had gone wrong. Maybe it was that elephante he kicked up the backside during the Indian parade? Which was understandable considering it had broken into his house, peed all over the floor and left the seat up just so he'd look like a bad husband. Karma certainly wasn't on this hypnotist's side. At all.

TJ stayed slumped in the chair.

What in carnations???[edit | edit source]

The hypnotist was angry.

"Debbie... you are so unprofessional, you're fired!"

Debbie was his assisant. At least, she used to be.

"But but but... you can't fire me. I'm your wife."

"Don't use that excuse. You will sleep with the goldfish tonight... in the toilet!And don't you dare flush him! I plan to send him off to Money4Gold."

"Well you won't get much. I believe that goldfish aren't made of gold."

"You and your crazy beliefs, I bit into a goldfish once and broke my teeth!"

"That's because it was a fishing trophy."

"Well I lost that trophy, so I can't exactly send that in can I?"

"Forget about the gold. You're firing me. Your only wife! I want a divorce!"

Debbie stampeded out of the hall.

"Well I can buy another wife!" the hypnotist shouted.