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IM CHOKING ON A MEGNUGGETZ is a 18 minute film about a man only know as 'MN' chokes on a bitten piece of McNuggets.

Storyline Thingy Majigger[edit]

MN goes to Tacol Bellz to find some lunch for his pet deformed chicken, Rooster. He finds that they are selling human flesh tacos and tries to steal one from an overgrown old man, who happens to be his daddy. MN isn't intelligent enough to recognize him and blabbles the man to heaven (or hell, who knows?). MN finishes his half eaten human taco, and then feeds Rooster two halves of a pebble. MN finds a pair of dense scissors and Rooster pecks on it with a half digested pebble. MN then proceeds to swallow the scissors whole and then he falls into a hole and stabs himself from the inside. MN then finds a fryer in the middle of nowhere and dumps Rooster's feces into it, making chicken McNuggets. Rooster then grabs MN in the face and brings him back to ground level where it is raining. MN finds a bulletproof jacket and then uses it to decapitate Rooster. Rooster the proceeds to crawl into MN's underwear. MN finds a McDonalds but then slips on thin ice trying to reach it. The gods then use their heavenly powers to explode Rooster, which burns MN's butt. MN simply walks into McDonalds, and holds up his chicken head in hand, and yeets it at the employee. The employee proceeds to fry the head, and create a delicious, half eaten, bloody, cold chicken head McNugget. A man tries to steal it but only gets one bite before MN pulls off his trousers and does a fire fart in the man's face. MN then gobbles down the McNugget, but chokes on it. MN starts clucking, clucking, and clucking, before dying from the live chicken head pecking his throat open. Rooster's decapitated, fried, half-bitten head goes through MN's digestive system, then finds the scissors in the decomposing stomach, goes through the guts, and cuts open MN's crotch to escape.

MN's Death[edit]

Why the heck would you read this? It already explained it ABOVE. HE Died from a chicken killing him from the inside (and for another measure the chicken split open his crotch)!!


Most critics found the story to be horrifying in particular, and said the ending was too gruesome. They did enjoy the explosive farts, however.

The stuff that goes down here[edit]

[insert stuff down here]