I am a secret agent

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I am a SECRET AGENT. So secret, even I don't know what I'm doing.

There! There's one over there!

Wavy hair, tail... just like they said.

She can't see me following her. An air of frivolity ensues. The priests are asking questions.

I will report back when something happens.

Today: Theremins filled the coal cars to spilling. The snazzy dresser said something about Biff brought over some killer chronic, and a good time was had by some. Two, to be precise.

Otherwise, she engaged in no tail twitching, nor did she sport dreadlocks. The hippies all died, but zulch. The dentist whined.

Raven kiazumed, she spritzed across the gazebo with aplomb, lighting upon a smug hedgehog. Spiny Norman. He'd been busy wrecking the city, so he hardly noticed. They feasted upon prunes.