I ated a cookie

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It all start-ed when i look-ed at the clock-ed. it was tick-ed-ing so much-ed that-ed I couldn't take-ed enough of it-ed. So I run-ed down-ed the stairs-ed to-ed the kitchen-ed, and then I saw-ed the cookie jar-ed. I-ed jump-ed in excitement-ed and ran-ed to-ed the cookie jar-ed. I-ed grabb-ed the cookie jar-ed slowly and carefully-ed so that-ed I don't drop-ed it-ed, because then-ed Mom-ed would be very angry-ed at me-ed. Once I got-ed it-ed right-ed before me-ed, I open-ed the jar-ed and took-ed out-ed AN CHOC-ED-LATE-ED COOKIE-ED. Thens-ed I bite-ed into-ed the cookie-ed and chew-ed and chew-ed and chew-ed forever-ed.

And that's when-ed I realize-ed that I-ed am not-ed alone-ed.


It was-ed Cookie Monster-ed, and he was mad-ed! So-ed I swallow-ed the cookie-ed and ran-ed outside-ed towards the woods-ed.

I-ed have been living-ed in the woods-ed for the past-ed four years-ed. All because-ed I ated a cookie.