I should be going to bed but instead I am writing this

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I am looking at a page that begs to be filled with text. Glorious text! Really, I should go to bed, but sleep is so overrated. Perhaps it is the iced coffee I had earlier. Maybe I don't have the caffeine tolerance I used to have. The room around me is dark except for my computer screen and my roommate has gone to bed. I could go read a certain book which I read about half of last night. I like staying up at night for some reason. I also like vampire games for some reason. Could the two be related? Then again, I also like games with medieval themes, fairy themes, restaurant themes, alchemy themes, gadget themes, simulation games, puzzle games, maybe I just like games too much. Maybe I'd rather be playing a game but I'm bored of games at the minute. I really should get a job, but who would hire me at this time of night? Then again I could always look for jobs online. I wonder what kind of jobs would match my skills and qualifications? Call center work? Maybe, if they don't have a sales quota. Or at least not an unreachable quota. I could try working at a kiosk but I doubt I'd sell enough widgets. Lots of those kind of work opportunities available. Commission sales? Bah, I'd never earn enough to pay the bills. I could try fast food, but I'm not fast so that probably wouldn't work out. I type fast though. Maybe I should apply for data entry. Then again, most data entry jobs I've held were temporary. I wonder if I could find one that was permanent. Better yet, data entry from home. Then again, the last data entry from home position I applied for turned out to be an advertisement for online colleges soliciting me as a student. I already have my college degree. I wonder how my life got screwed up so bad. Maybe I just slacked off too much the past few years, but not at work when I was needed. I need some work that will keep me pretty much constantly busy, but that won't require multitasking. I can't juggle objects so how should I know how to multitask? I should've taken computer programming in college instead of what I majored in. Then I'd be employed right now instead of typing this monologue. What, have you actually read all this? Its pretty boring isn't it? That pretty much sums up life right now. Eventually someone will probably come along and delete this boring article. Or maybe they'll just save it to point and laugh at. I could care less. Really. And to prove it, I think I'll just go to bed. And read my book. Laters!