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Incomprehensible.png Ŧĥīš ǻŕţǐċľə įŝ ţǿŧāľŀŷ ìñçôмþŕéħėʼnşıßľě.
Ÿǿü čǽñ ħëłþ Ǐļŀôġìċöþęđĩä ßŷ ểǻŧıʼnġ ä çåŗǐβöǚ.

The Illogicopedia big book of little sonnets is a compendium of collections of poems written in sonnet form. Quatrains. Some prophetic, some historic, but mostly illogical.

Inside The Illogicopedia big book of little sonnets

  • Darkside truths revealed is a collection of mostly 4 line sonnets written over the course of years, one by one, in great secrecy. These have been gathered together for the benefit of readers and scholars alike for recitation and study. Ofcourse they are also completely ignorable.
Note from publisher With repeated study, scholars have grouped these writings in decades, groups of ten, for organizational purposes. It is not known if this enhances understanding, or just makes organization easier. This edition preserves that way of presentation


Darkside Truths Revealed


  1. Shooter football guilty found
  2. bad evidence jury found
  3. new trial and such imminent
  4. poor victim's family lament.


  1. Big big rock very scary
  2. astronomers just somewhat wary
  3. the one in 19 and 4
  4. will to be feared far more[2]


  1. Governor acts above the law
  2. putting his cronies on the draw
  3. when caught with his hand in the jar
  4. he pardons said flunkies near and far.


  1. Softball Gunshot Mystery
  2. how can games cause misery?
  3. Apathy and empathy
  4. cannot seem contempry.


  1. Sister sweet
  2. I hold so dear
  3. compare to meet
  4. what's shown in mirror.


  1. Hacker cadre entree
  2. Cooperative cabbies, in play
  3. Profits rise for all, you see
  4. That is, money, money, money.


  1. Was cold, was hot
  2. was bored, then not
  3. his heart was shot.
  4. Chest into, was cut
  5. has a rubber butt
  6. every time
  7. he turns around,
  8. he goes putt putt.


  1. Waiting, waiting for the time
  2. looking forward - sublime.
  3. Working muscles, will begin
  4. heart is healthy, begin again.
  5. ---
  6. Body new, like to see
  7. unveiled to town, a brand new me.
  8. Smile takes over frown,
  9. spray on tan, all over DOWN.


  1. Strip to waist
  2. not in haste
  3. smiles approved
  4. as around I moved.
  5. -
  6. Paint of war
  7. applied so arty
  8. strands of pearl
  9. Loved white party


  1. Kevillips, Brabant,
  2. Pretender Be
  3. Antoon Burgundy
  4. sail the North Sea
  5. -
  6. The Arms of the brave
  7. Golden Lion
  8. Pray for of the coronet
  9. of the forlorn scion

  1. if you did it right
  2. [1]

Big book of little sonnets
Darkside truths revealed
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