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The IllogiCards

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Welcome to IllogiCards!
A blank card.

IllogiCards is a Illogicopedia VirtualCardGame.

Unlike some boring thing that boring things made and scraped, this is not about editing Illogicopedia. It's more like IllogiRPG style.

You can even Create your own cards!

Current phase[edit | edit source]

We need a Beta tester!

join now!

Beta test

Goal[edit | edit source]

The goal here is, unless User Cards or Rule Cards redefines the goal, it's to reach 10000 points, or make the opponent's points to -10000.

Basic info[edit | edit source]

  • Card Number is an Index number.
  • Card's Name is... well, Card's name.
  • Cost is a cost that is needed to use this card.
    Cost is also called Level of that card.
  • Image is the card's image.
  • The Card's Type Determines the Card's properties.
  • Ability is the card's Properties.
  • Rarity is the card's rarity.
  • Attack is the Creature's attack.
  • Health is the Creature's health.
  • Required Cost is the Addition helder's minimum level.
    For example, if the req.Cost is 4, that Addition card is only attachable to Creatures that is over level 4.
  • Hand is your hand cards.
  • Phase is a section in turns.
  • 1 Turn starts and ends with your beginning turn.
  • when you Half the number and the number is odd, Trunc it. no rounding.
  • Cards with '!' cost is only sumonable by card(s)' effect.
    • It's level is treated as ∞.

Game Rule[edit | edit source]

My user card?
  • You must set yourself (User card) in User slot.
  • You start with 5 cost. first turn, first player does as 5 cost. however, second player does with 6.
  • You earns 2 cost in second turn, 3 in third, etc.
  • After turn 15, you earns 15. no matter how much turns have passed.
  • If your turn begins, you can do (BEGIN PHASE):
    • Draw a card
  • And then do one of those (SET PHASE, only 1 of them)
    • Summon a Creature
    • Cast a persisting
  • And then do this however much you wants (ATTACH PHASE)
    • Attach an additive
  • And then finally (ATTACK PHASE)
    • Attack opponent's Creature
  • You can use Instant whenever you want. if not written on that card.
  • The Points are written on the card's Effect square.
    • The plus one is the point you gets when you summon that.
    • The Minus one is the point you loses when that gets destroyed.
  • And you can only have 5 living Creatures.
    • You can dispose a creature if you want, In that case, you don't get the penalty.]
    • And you gets half of the cost back when you dispose a Full(Over)-Health Creature.
    • You cannot get the Additive's cost back.
    • The returning cost is calculated via floor((cost)/2). so if you dispose level 3, you get 1.
  • You loses 1000 points a turn if you don't have a creature in your field but the opponent does.

Cards[edit | edit source]

Look at this card.

There are six types of Cards.

Creature Cards[edit | edit source]

Creature Cards are a Creature that can attack, defend, and use it's ability.

  • 1 : Index Number.
  • 2 : Name.
  • 3 : Cost of that card.
  • 4 : Picture.
  • 5 : Card's type.
  • 6 : General Effects.
  • 7 : Special Ability.
  • 8 : Description
  • 9 : Plus point when summoned / Minus Point when destroyed
  • 10 : Rarity.
  • 11 : Attack Point.
  • 12 : Max Health.

Instant Cards[edit | edit source]

Instant cards are an ability card. it is discarded immediately after used.

Addition Cards[edit | edit source]

Addition cards are attached to creature cards, enhancing that creature's spec.

Persisting Cards[edit | edit source]

Persisting Cards are like Instant cards, but it's persisting. I never gets discarded until it gets removed by some card's ability.

Rule Cards[edit | edit source]

Rule Cards redefines Rules. CUSTOM RULES HERE WE GO.

User Cards[edit | edit source]

User Cards mostly contains little bit better than other normal Persisting card's effect.

It is unable to destroy or discard, it is set when game starts.

User cards doesn't have a cost or rarity. instead, those are changed with Illogic text and Your quotes.

You can only have one User Card: User Card of Yourself.

General Effects[edit | edit source]


Those effects are usually used in:

  • Creature Cards
  • Additives
  • Instants

List[edit | edit source]

  • If First card is in the opponent's Field, you can only attack that.
    • When there is multiple, you can choose between them.
  • a card with Poison loses 1 health every Begin phase.
  • a card with Burn loses 3 health every Begin phase. however, it can be extinguished.
  • a card with Swift can attack twice.
  • a cand with Freeze cannot attack that turn. it ends at opponent's Begin phase.
  • Projectile, Magic card is the type of attacking of that Creature. if not mentioned, it's Physical.
  • a card with Fire attack makes attacked craeature burn.
  • a card with Poison attack makes attacked creature Poisoned.
  • a card with Ice attack makes attacked creature Freeze.
  • a card with Water attack makes burned creature extinguish when attacked.
  • a card with Water body is immune to Burning.
  • a card with Fire body is immune to Burning, and when it gets attacked by Physical attack, that creature will Burn.
  • If you attacked Poisonous card with Physical creature, that Creature will be Poisoned, and it's immune to Poisoning.
  • a card with Ice body is immune to Freezing.
  • a card with Evasion is immune to Swift card's second attack.
  • a card with Shield is immune to Projectile attack.
  • a card with Mundane is immune to Magic attack.
  • a card with Arcane is immune to Physical attack.
  • a card with Weak takes 2x damage to Physical attack.
  • a card with Pop takes 2x damage to Projectile attack.
  • a card with Sensible takes 2x damage to Magic attack.
  • a card with Pressure cannot be attacked at first turn that is set.
  • a card with Slowness cannot attack first turn they are summoned.
  • a card with Light can return to players hand without getting disposed.
    • In this case, player can choose whether to remove or return that card.
    • if returned, it retains the damage & he cannot get the cost back.
    • Any addition attached to that card is disposed.
    • You can only use it once.
  • a card with Heavy cannot be disposed.
  • a card with Cloak can return to deck instead of getting disposed.
    • same as Light effect.
    • However, the additions returns too.
    • And it doesn't retain the damage.
  • Field effect is Exclusive to Persisting card. only one Field card can exist.
    • When another Field Card is set, The Original is automaticly disposed.
    • Half of its cost is restored.

Creation of a card[edit | edit source]

Main article: IllogiGames:IllogiCards/Card Creation

You can create your OWN card!

you can create your own card here.

Please create the page using those Inputboxes,

And then fill in the form.

Then, transclude that here.

it will go to Voting session.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Basicly 3 for = elect. but, that can be change temporarily.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Those things are not useful for battle, but it's one of the properties in the card.

Numbering[edit | edit source]

The cards are numbered in following order. all Hexadecimal.

  • 00xx - The generation of the card.
  • xx0x - The card's type.
    • 0~3 - Creature
    • 4~6 - Instant
    • 7~9 - Addition
    • A~B - Persisting
    • C~D - Rules
    • E~F - Users
  • xxx0 - Confirmed order. (Basicly card index.)

Rarity[edit | edit source]

The rarer, the better.

so, there are many Normal cards & Little rare cards.

  • 0 : Normal
  • 1 : Uncommon
  • 2 : Rare
  • 3 : Hi-Rare
  • 4 : Super-Rare
  • 5 : Ultra-Rare
  • 6 : Unique
  • 7 : Epic
  • 8 : Legendary
  • 9 : ???