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Card 0001.png

The IllogiCards

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Card 00C6.png
  • If you don't finish your turn in 7 days, you lose.


Card 0001.png Card -.png Card -.png Card -.png Card -.png
Health:6/6 Health: Health: Health: Health:
Attack:2 Attack: Attack: Attack: Attack:
lol : Cost - 2, Hand - , Point - +100.
Card 00E1.png
IllogiCardsThe Illogicopedian VCG
Card 00F1.png
XY007 : Cost - 6, Hand - , Point - 0.
Attack: Attack: Attack: Attack: Attack:
Health: Health: Health: Health: Health:
Card -.png Card -.png Card -.png Card -.png Card -.png


  • lol joined the game
  • XY007 joined the game
  • duel started

Turn 1a[edit]

  • lol summoned IllogiBanana
  • Turn end