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Illogicopedian Public Terminal 1.0

> It has been a long day. You have spent nine hours making numbers do things. And your eyes are kicking you in the shin for it. You exit the Juliannosariai Accounting Company Headquarters, your workplace, and head towards your car, your thoughts preoccupied with the concept of throwing away a hot dog. You rummage through your bag, searching for your car keys, but find that you have in their place the key to Illogiways, the restaurant at the end of the universe.

You will start the game with the following information...

>statistics total: 40

1. Sanity: 20

2. Energy: 20

>skills: 8

1. Haggling: 1

2. Computer use: 1

3. Survival: 1

4. Math: 1

5. (skill of your choice): 3

6. Muscles: 1

> uggs(money): 0

>items.: 0

The game requires that you track the information in a text file or on a sub page of your user page.

> What will you do?